Piano and Keyboard Lessons in Helston area – £12.50 per hour

Piano Lessons near Helston


Background history of Helston

As the most southerly town in the UK, Helston, Helston is also the second oldest town in Cornwall, the first being Marazion. The annual Flora Dance originates from the medieval period. In the 13th century. Helston is an inland town and access to the sea can only be made via Loe Bar, a ‘barrier beach’ believed to have been formed by rising sea levels. Helston is situated on the River Cober and is the gateway to the Lizard Peninsula.

Piano & Keyboard Lessons in Penryn – £12.50 per hour

Piano Lessons in Penryn

Background History of Penryn

Penryn was an important harbour exporting tin and granite in the medieval period. There is a wealth of history about Penryn, the town was founded originally by the Bishop of Exeter in 1216. In order to develop the influence of the church a religious college called Glasney College was built in Penryn in 1265. Glasney was destroyed in 1548 under the reign of Edward VI and the dissolution of the college was a determining factor in causing the Prayer Book Rebellion of 1549. It is said that the pride of Penryn’s institutional prowess never recovered after Galsney College was demolished and was a significant turning point in the towns long history. Now twinned with Audieme in France, Penryn is a bustling town full of history with buildings dating back to Tudor and Georgian times. The new educational establishments have brought new vitality, growth and development to the area.