Piano and Keyboard Lessons in Falmouth – £12.50 per hour

Piano lessons in Falmouth provide a healthy recreational balance to the many outdoor pursuits found locally.

History of Falmouth Information

Situated on the estuary of the river Fal, Falmouth is the third deepest natural harbour in the world. After it’s foundation in the Elizabethan period, Falmouth has since had a long and complicated history. Developed by the Killigrew family, Falmouth was developed as a port. The family mansion ‘Arwenack’ can still be seen at Grove Place where, in 1737, an obelisk was erected to honour the famous family. Falmouth was the home port to the Royal Mail Packet ships for approaching 200 years. After creation of the railway network late in the 19th Century, Falmouth became a popular seaside resort with tourism as an important part of it’s income.